You’ve found asbestos – now what?

Perhaps you live in a house that was built before 1982-1985. You had an unexpected flood and your contractor discovered 9″ x 9″ floor tile and black mastic under your flooring. Most likely your flooring contractor won’t work over it. Why? buildings

Maybe that bedroom renovation you’ve been dreaming about is ready to happen, but the acoustic “popcorn” ceiling needs to be scraped before your dream sanctuary can be a reality. Your contractor shouldn’t just dig into it. Why?


You’re ready for some new siding. A fresh look for your humble abode. Think twice before just letting someone rip that 1′ x 2′ transite siding off your house. Why? You guessed it.


You’ve seen the ads. “MESOTHELIOMA!” they scream. They can be quite scary. Dealing with asbestos is serious business. The majority of homeowners don’t have the training, experience, specialized equipment, and tools required to remove asbestos without contaminating their home. Not to mention environmental insurance to make sure that any accidental exposure is covered.

We do.


Our aim is to help answer the questions St. Louis metro area homeowners have when they find out that asbestos is present in their home, from testing and assessing to safe removal.


After all, we all want the same thing…a safe place for our families.


So, you’ve found asbestos – now what? Give us a call. We can help. is a resource designed to inform homeowners in the Saint Louis, MO area on what to expect when dealing with lead, mold, and asbestos abatement in their homes. With over 50 years of combined experience, Crossroads knows what it takes to keep your living space a safe place.
This website is purely informational and is not intended to take the place of legal counsel or appropriate environmental consulting. Please refer to EPA, state, and local statues concerning oversight of lead, mold, or asbestos abatement activities in your area.